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We are the Republican veterinary laboratory serving customers in Kazakhstan with well-qualified highly qualified specialists


    The team of Republican veterinary laboratory is staffed by highly qualified specialists. In Republican veterinary laboratory there are 3 doctors of science and 8 candidates of science. Our experts undergo training and internship in many laboratories and educational institutions abroad. Competence level of experts is supported due to internal training and internship and as well as to internal certification of employees


    Our laboratories are equipped with the modern laboratory and research equipment allowing to conduct all necessary researches according to the international quality standards. Modern methods of researches are used and widely applied in laboratories which allows to carry out express analysis. All diagnosis, reactants and other materials used in work conform to internationally recognized standards.


    3. RVL laboratories are accredited by the national system of accreditation of NCA LLP, laboratories work according to requirements of ST of RK ISO/MEK 17025 "The general requirements to competence of testing and calibration laboratories".


Price list of "Republican Veterinary Laboratory"

  • Price list for prices for diagnostic services for animal diseases
  • Pricelist of prices for conducting laboratory studies to determine safety and quality
  • Pricelist of prices for veterinary and sanitary examination
  • Price list for disposal and disposal of biological waste
  • Bacteriological studies of the quality of disinfection


To comply with the high standards of laboratory-diagnostic studies of animal, bird and fish diseases, as well as in the field of food safety research and the implementation of state policy in veterinary medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What researches are conducted and what production is investigated in veterinary laboratories?

    Enterprise of the Veterinary laboratories conduct researches/tests on diagnosis of especially dangerous and Rift Valley fever diseases of animals and also researches of the controlled goods which are subject to veterinary control (supervision) according to requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs union for definition of food safety and quality indicators.

  • What indicators of safety are defined at a research of milk and dairy products?

    According to technical regulations of the Customs union "About safety of milk and dairy products" (TR CU 033/2013) in veterinary laboratories researches of milk and dairy products on organoleptic, physical and chemical, chemical and toxicological, radiological, mycologic and microbiological indicators are conducted.

  • How to bring meat or milk to testing for laboratory and carrying out researches and how to receive the act of examination?

    It is necessary to submit the application for obtaining the act of examination to territorial inspections of Committee of veterinary control and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, or local executive bodies of areas, cities of Astana and Almaty, areas and cities of regional value (further – public authority), or by means of the web portal of "the electronic government" www.egov.kz, www. elicense.kz. The staff of public authority will carry out selection and the direction of test in laboratory. You will receive the act of examination after the end of carrying out researches in the place where you submitted application.

  • Are the results of researches which are carried out in republican veterinary laboratory in other countries recognized?

    Yes, today 21 veterinary laboratories of the Enterprise are accredited in the system of accreditation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to compliance to requirements of state standard specification ISO/MEK 17025-2009 "The general requirements to competence of testing and calibration laboratories". The accredited testing laboratories of the Enterprise are entered in the Unified register of the accredited testing laboratories (centers) which are carrying out works on assessment of compliance with the requirements established by technical regulations of the Customs union. The results of tests which are carried out by the accredited laboratory are admitted by the international community

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